The Cause Cafe is a great place to be while supporting a great cause in many ways! Make yourself at home and have something great to eat! Click to find out more….

Our Staff

Our team is made up of multiple young adults with a variety or cognitive disabilities. Our Coffee With A Cause was started by Stacey Wohl, when she found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. She began working on this organization with her two children Brittany, who is 18, and her son Logan who is 16, both of them have autism.

Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Our coffee is high quality, rich and delicious, and offers the best pick me up in the morning when you need it most. If you’re interested in the robust flavors we have, take a look through our inventory of flavors from different regions around the world.

There are four types of coffee beans around the world, Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, Coffee Liberica and Coffea liberica var. dewevrei. Currently we use the Arabica coffee and Robusta Coffee. We at Cause Cafe have machines that are solely dedicated to make coffee and are used by professionals, anyone can make coffee now days with the latest coffee machines, you even get coffee machines with grinders now. There is an obvious difference in method and taste between the coffee’s we make and coffee’s that you will be able to make at home.

At Cause Cafe we have high quality espresso machine and an industrial grinder to make the perfect coffee. Since we use the coffee beans instead of coffee powder the grinder is essential for our coffee shop. We take a lot of care in finding the right coffee grinder as that can make all the difference between the flavor profiles and the aroma of your coffee or espresso, this is also the reason why a coffee machine with a grinder would be better at home than a normal coffee machine.


Our Menu

La Boulangerie • The Bakery





multi grain Crossant $3.50Gluten Free 
Petit Fromage Pocket$2.25Cranberry apricot oatmeal cookies$2.25
Fresh Baked Scone Du Jour$2.95Muffins du jour$4.25
Freshly Baked Cookies$1.95Cupcake with buttercream$4.50

Petit Dejeuner • Breakfast

Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal & French Honey$4.99Omelettes Du Jour$10.99
Super Charged Oats With Quinoa Chia Flax$5.99Fresh Baked Quiche Du Jour$10.99
Housemade Whole Grain Granola$4.99The Parisian Sandwich$7.99
Locally Sourced Greek Yogurt$4.99Pomme Frites$5.99
Belgian Waffle Jam & Creme$8.99Signature Scratch Made Pancakes$9.99
Pain Perdu Thick Cut French Toast$9.99Short Stack
Applewood Bacon, Country Ham, Sage Sausage3.99  
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Topping$1.99….side $3.99  
Extra Maple Butter$1.49  
Rosemary Truffle Fries With Garlic Aoli


Papillon Butterfly Salad$9.99Add to your Salad 
Cobb Salad$10.99Natural Cured Ham$4.99
Nicoise Salad$10.99Roasted Chicken Breast or Turkey$4.99
Caesar Salad
Tuna or Smoked Salmon


Au Pain • Sandwiches

Poulet • Chicken,$13.99Turkey BLT$13.99
Marseilles$11.99Croque Monsieur / Madame$11.99
Egg on Top


Cause Café Smoothies

TropicalSm $6.99….Lg $9.99
Banana DateSm $6.99….Lg $9.99
Dark Berry
Sm $6.99….Lg $9.99



Our Coffee for a CauseSm $2.50….Lg $3.50Hazelnut LatteSm $3.75….Lg $4.99
EspressoSingle $2.50….Double $4.50Caramel MacchiatoSm $3.75….Lg $4.99
CappuccinoSm $3.50….Lg $4.25Dark Chocolate MochaSm $3.75….Lg $4.99
LatteSm $3.25….Lg $4.50Hot Cocoa 
Pot of Tea
TeaSm $3.00….Lg $4.00  


L’Orangesm $5.99….Lg $7.99
RougeSm $5.99….Lg $7.99
Sm $5.99…. Lg $7.99



The Paris$11.99
The Provence$11.99
The Brittany


Gluten free bread and wraps available$2.00 extraGrilled Vegetable Panini$9.99
Buddha Bowls$8.99Veggie Burger$10.99
Hummus Trio$9.99Black Bean Burrito
Roasted Pepper Hummus Wrap Sandwich


Speciality desserts including chocolate mouse,
$8.99 each